Thee High Priestess Split

by At The Heart Of The World




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released 08 July 2012



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Track Name: In Hideous Forms
I was born with the blood of a coward running through my veins and I've done everything short of killing myself to draw it out of me. I wreck my flesh in every way I can and it has only left me vile, malignant and discontent. Shallow and loathsome and full of hate. And I don't know what I want all I know is I don’t want what I have. I keep reaching for perfection and all I taste is death. There is peace in the eyes of the forgiving man but I have nothing in me that will let me begin, violent bouts of indiscretions are all I have ever known so I walk through this world in hideous forms
Track Name: At The Heart Of The World w/Thee High Priestess - A Song Of Declaration
I have eaten the bread of life and I still hunger, no belief has ever quelled my thirst
So when I have no songs left to sing, I will gladly accept my end
We all want something we will never have, so I will take whatever comes next
We live, we die that’s all there is and in between this is what we get
I will die I as have lived not caring what comes next